Entrepreneur life made easy

Entrepreneur life made easy

Entrepreneur life made easyEntrepreneur life made easyEntrepreneur life made easy

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About Us


Company History

After accumulating several years of experience in their perspective industries, the husband and wife team of Shaun and Joanna Portillo had an epiphany of being the go-to “dream team” for struggling startups and small businesses to run to for virtual assistance.


Joanna Portillo

 When it comes to analytical thinking, no one else is as adept in administrative support than Joanna.  Her career in the BPO and IT industry has led her to be skillful in communication and project management. This resourceful “Jill-of-all-trades” can literally do it all.  From content writing, social media and project management, basic video editing, graphic design, and even HTML coding, there is no one else you can trust to get the job done with quality and preciseness.  


Shaun Portillo


Shaun, the creative guru, is a master in video creation, editing, and company branding.  His experiences which include video and postproduction for wedding events, rotoscoping/keying in the film industry for Hollywood movies, video branding and production in publishing companies and video branding for social media influencers has allowed him to effectively create and execute creative materials for companies to use for marketing.


Our Approach

We understand that all businesses have different needs, which is why we give a free 1-hour consultation to determine where the gaps are that are preventing you from reaching your goal. The moment you sign up, we will provide you a form to fill out that would allow us to thoroughly evaluate your marketing strategies and business processes. We will then provide you with a plan, optional packages to choose from and a timeline we can collaborate on to meet your business goals.